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Introducing Linkeeper: The best website bookmarking app.

Today, we're excited to announce our second app, Linkeeper. Linkeeper is a URL bookmarking tool, unlike any other. It is completely free, provides deep integration into iOS, iPadOS and macOS, has a stunning user interface that makes it a joy to use, and syncs seamlessly across all your devices.

"A year ago, I frequently found myself in a cluttered situation, pasting important links into various applications like Apple Notes, Notion, and Safari's reading list. However, this approach quickly became messy and counterproductive. Safari's inability to sync seamlessly across all my devices made it difficult to access those links when I needed them in the future. This led me to realize that I needed a better solution.

In my search for bookmarking tools on the app store, I discovered that most lacked integration into the system and offered essential features only through in-app purchases. Apple's built-in bookmarking option proved too basic, lacking customization and was buried deep within Safari's interface. Additionally, Safari's iCloud sync was unreliable for storing important links, rendering it suboptimal for my needs.

Faced with these challenges, I took matters into my own hands and embarked on a journey to create a solution. For over a year, I have been intermittently, but diligently working on Linkeeper, an app that sets a new standard for bookmarking software. I'm thrilled to announce that Linkeeper is now ready for users to experience." shared Om Chachad, Chief Software Developer.

Linkeeper is a groundbreaking bookmarking app that aims to revolutionize the shortcomings found in existing bookmarking apps on the app store. It offers a seamless and exceptional user experience, all completely free of charge. With Linkeeper, users can finally enjoy a stunning user interface that feels familiar and intuitive, providing a sense of comfort and ease while managing their bookmarks.

One standout feature of Linkeeper is its deep integration with Siri Shortcuts. This integration empowers users to create powerful workflows and streamline their bookmarking experience even further. By leveraging the Linkeepers' actions within shortcuts, users can enhance productivity and customize their bookmarking process to suit their unique needs.

But we don't stop there. We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation. We have a myriad of advanced features already in the pipeline, which will further elevate the Linkeeper experience. We are excited to announce that Linkeeper is now available on the app store, bringing a new era of bookmarking convenience to users worldwide, click the link below to install it now.


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