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Introducing Linkeeper Version 1.1 with exciting new changes!

Today, we’re launching our first major update to our best app, Linkeeper. Linkeeper is an app that is used by so many people, and loved by just as many. It’s truly the best way to manage all your bookmarks from different apps and websites, and seamlessly organise them, in one app. Over the past few months, we’ve factored in feedback from a lot of users in the process of making this new version, and we’re incredibly excited to share it with you.

Version 1.1 focuses on quality of life improvements, enhanced user experiences, popular user demands, and bug fixes.

It starts with a refined new interface for the Linkeeper home page. The All Bookmarks and Favorite Bookmarks Sections now have a new compact tiled layout that saves space and separates them from the rest of the folders. The rounded corners of these tiles have a beautiful look, that looks stunning on all your devices. Additionally, you can now pin your most used folders and they’ll appear at the top of the list alongside the All Bookmarks and Favorites tiles.

We’re making it easier than ever to save links in Linkeeper with two new ways of adding bookmarks. Simply drag and drop an URL from any app into Linkeeper and instantly add it as a bookmark. And, on iPadOS and iOS, you can now click the Share Button on any URL and select Linkeeper to add bookmarks without having to switch apps.

As an experimental feature, you can now turn on “Remove Tracking Parameters from URLs” from Linkeeper Settings to get rid of those pesky tracking parameters at the end of URLs that are used to follow you along across websites.

We’re also making it easier for users to switch from their existing bookmarks collection over to Linkeeper. Starting with support for Safari, you’ll now be able to share your Exported Safari Bookmarks with the app via Linkeeper Settings, and have them instantly added to your bookmarks in Linkeeper. We’ll be adding support for more browsers in coming updates.

Linkeeper continues to provide all these amazing features for free, so that everyone can enjoy it. Today, we’re adding a Tip Jar to Linkeeper. It’s a completely voluntary way for users to really express their love for the app and show their extended support. It helps us sustain development of free apps, and motivates us to keep building. You’ll also unlock alternative app icons for Linkeeper as a perk for donating. We appreciate every tip that comes through, and thank you for using the app regardless of whether you decide to tip or not.

We can’t wait for our users to get their hands on this new update, and we’re excited to welcome new users to Linkeeper with all of these new features that make it easier than ever before to pull the trigger to switch over to Linkeeper. You can get Version 1.1 from the App Store starting today, by clicking here.


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