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Introducing snApp, a powerful window management solution for macOS.

Starlight Apps is thrilled to announce its first app, snApp. Inspired by Snap Layouts on windows, snApp brings a powerful window manager to macOS, that lets you quickly re-arrange and re-size the active window easily, right from your menu bar.

"On June 24th 2021, Microsoft unveiled Windows 11, alongside a feature called Snap Layouts for window management. The moment I saw this, I wanted to make something similar for Mac. This was my first ever app idea. Within a week, I had created a mockup of how I envisioned the app would look like, using DetailsPro, a SwiftUI-based mockup tool. But with no idea on how to actually build an app for Mac, I decided I would learn SwiftUI.

On 16th October, I started with Paul Hudson's 100DaysOfSwiftUI course, and completed it with distinction on January 27th 2022. I still had not learnt how to make Mac specific apps, and realised that making such a complex app that would re-size windows was beyond my capabilities as a beginner, so I put this app into the App Ideas bin, and left it there for a while.

In March 2022, I turned this app idea into a fully functional Siri Shortcut, called Snap. I submitted this to MacStories' Automation April 2022 contest, and to my surprise, it won the Best Mac Shortcut award, and has since had thousands of installs and is available on iTech Everything's Shortcuts collection.

In February 2023, I learnt a way to run shortcuts from macOS Apps, which reminded me of my then abandoned app idea for Snap, and within a few hours, I built an MVP (minimum viable product), and was incredibly happy with how it turned out. Leveraging the advanced functionality of Snap, I proudly present snApp—an app designed to provide an interface for the Snap Siri Shortcut, cleverly reflecting its name. snApp bestows upon users a familiar interface reminiscent of Windows' Snap Layouts, allowing effortless window movement by seamlessly communicating with Siri Shortcuts." said Om Chachad, Chief Software Developer.

Windows Style

In addition to the Snap Layouts-like interface, we've also added an option to choose one that resembles iOS 15's iPadOS multi-tasking menu for the ones who might enjoy it better.

iPadOS Style

snApp brings powerful window management to the Mac, something that has been missing on Mac for years, allowing you to re-arrange windows easily, featuring an interface that is easy to use, inspired by Windows and/or iPadOS.

We're thrilled to put our first app idea out for people to use. We can't wait for you to get your hands on snApp. You can get snApp now, by clicking the link below.


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