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Introducing Linkeeper 2.0, with visionOS Support, a new Mac App, and more.

Over the last few months, we have been working on an incredible new update for Linkeeper, one that brings a lot of the features that have been requested by our users and one that brings Linkeeper to a whole new platform.

We’re excited to announce the next big version of Linkeeper, and the first new feature we’d like to announce is support for visionOS. Linkeeper has now been fully optimised for visionOS, featuring a native app with glass backgrounds. Every small detail has been re-considered for this new platform, giving it a distinct yet familiar look. Your bookmarks are now synced across all devices, including on Vision Pro, which lets you see and keep your bookmarks in your very own environment.

Linkeeper is also moving away from Mac Catalyst. It’s now a fully native, multi-platform SwiftUI app, which is a big step in the right direction. Almost every part of the app was re-written to accommodate this change, allowing a more performant bookmarking experience which has macOS-specific design elements. This also fixes a lot of bugs that previous versions of Linkeeper with Mac Catalyst had, providing a more seamless experience for our users. We’re excited for Mac users to benefit from these changes, and further enhance their bookmarking experience.

We’re also adding a highly requested feature, the ability to view bookmarks in layouts other than a grid. Introducing the new list and table layouts for your bookmarks.

The new list layout provides a simple alternative to the grid view, allowing you to see the entire title of the bookmark, and making the preview image smaller. This is a great layout for people who find it easier to navigate with text rather than images.

The table layout expands on the list, and offers a highly customisable and advanced layout with columns for the title, host, folder and date added, allowing the bookmarks details to be viewed with fewer clicks. The table layout is only available on macOS, visionOS and certain iPad orientations.

Widgets are finally here! You now have beautiful widgets for your home screen, desktop, or notification center, and in three different sizes. You can either see all your latest bookmarks, or ones from a particular folder. They allow you to glance at your bookmarks, and users can open the web-page simply by clicking the bookmark.

Introducing the share extension for Mac. A highly requested feature that makes bookmarking a whole lot easier. This feature first came to iOS and iPadOS in version 1.1, and thanks to the shift to a native macOS app, it’s now coming to macOS.

But that’s not all, Linkeeper 2.0 features a lot of other changes that you’ll notice when you use the app. Changes such as two stunning redesigned icons, new and improved animations with Metal rendering, cursor interactions for iPadOS, and the ability to export Linkeeper bookmarks and to import ones from Chrome.

This is our biggest update to Linkeeper yet, and we can’t wait for you to get your hands (or eyes on visionOS) on it. We’re excited about Linkeeper making its way into the world of Spatial Computing with Apple Vision Pro, it’s an honour to be one of the first fully native apps for this new platform.  We believe that every existing and new Linkeeper user will appreciate all of these new changes, once again making the best bookmarking app even better. You can get Version 2.0 from the App Store starting today, by clicking here.


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