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Announcing Starlight Apps LLP.

Today, we're excited to announce the launch of Starlight Apps LLP, a software development company, that focuses on creating best-in-class apps for various platforms including iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.

At Starlight Apps, our dedication lies in creating exceptional apps and providing unparalleled user experiences that are a joy to use. We are driven by our true passion for software development.

Software Development at Starlight Apps will be lead by Om Chachad, a self-taught software developer, student, and fellow tech enthusiast. He has been working with Swift and SwiftUI for two years, and has worked with other programming languages in the past.

Our goal is to create apps that all our users can enjoy using as a part of their daily life, and ones we would love to use ourselves. Starlight Apps will continue making apps throughout its journey, and will also provide services to other people to turn their ideas into full fledged apps.

We also build our apps with high privacy standards in mind. We understand how critically important your data is to you, and that's why we like to keep it your data. Our apps do not collect any personal information.

To celebrate the launch of Starlight Apps, we are releasing two extraordinary free apps that embody our commitment to quality and innovation. These apps, carefully curated with attention to detail, aim to provide seamless user experiences and add value to your daily life. Stay tuned as we unveil these groundbreaking applications, and invite you to experience them firsthand.


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